Through Colors – Youth Exchange on Street Art and Rural Development

It is obvious that rural areas are being excluded from economical, cultural and social development in the world because of the ongoing urbanization processes. The program will gather together 32 youngsters from Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia.

From the other hand the lack of information and mobility frames the possibilities of youngsters to strive and develop their creativity and motivation.

The idea of the project “Though colors” has been developed during informal talks of youngsters during the activity “Media Change” in Dilijan Armenia, which took place in November 2019. It has been almost 3 years, while the volunteers of ArmActive youth center are eager to work in a rural environment using different creative tools, which would create a specific atmosphere in the village, will engage the international community as well the youngsters of the local community.

During the youth exchange partners from Armenia, Germany, Poland agreed on main elements of the project: Street Art, Rural Development, Engagement of Youth in Economical and Social growth of the community, Cultural Exchange and Creativity.

Here are the main Objectives of the Youth exchange:

– to reinforce youngsters creativity and social initiative senses;

– to develop participants skills on street art;

– to develop participants knowledge on rural and community development;

– to foster participants social entrepreneurship skills;

– to support youngsters engagement in community life;

– to support international cooperation and exchange of competences and experience;

– to support local communities with creativity and youth power.

Project dates and the venue: Armenia, Lori region, Vahagni village from 6 to 15 September 2021 (10 days).

Profile of the participants:

  • Young people, activists and youth workers who want to learn more about visual arts;
  • how to use creative techniques on raising awareness on community development and rural
  • Age 18-25 y.o.
  • Willing to share experiences and stories from their local environment, family, friends and school
    (university) circles.
  • Willing or have experience on work with creative visuals (photography, design, arts, etc.).
  • Who do not have major experience in mobility programs.
  • Able to understand and express themselves in English.
  • Are committed to attend for the full duration of the event.
  • Are committed to assist or take the lead role in planning and implementing local initiatives in order to
    disseminate the learning outcomes.

Costs and reimbursment:

For each paricipant from Ukrainine allocated up 275 EUR for travel costs + COVID test expences. By the end of the project all the travel cost expences are fully reimbursed to participants.

Project memories:

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